Virtual USAC Youth Comp

TRC Richmond Virtual USAC Youth Comp Details

USAC Youth R81 Triangle Rock Club Richmond 16NOV20


November 16 – November 29

Facility Hours

No reservations required. All competitors must be active USAC members and register for the comp through the KAYA app.

Cost to climb at TRC

Do I need a reservation to come climb? 

No. Please just check with our front desk staff and make any necessary day pass payments needed.

Does the day-pass have a time limit? 

No. This one-time charge per day covers access to the facility all day. Participants may leave and return at any point during our operating hours all under the same day pass.

Where can I find your COVID policies?

Here! Please note all people in the building MUST wear a face covering at all times, including while climbing and spectating.

I’m helping my climber. Will I be charged? 

No charge for spectators. If you plan to climb, please purchase a day pass.

I’m interested in taking part in the Citizens Competition. What do I need to know?

We are offering a Citizens Competition option for those interested in taking part in the competition fun! Categories are broken into beginner, intermediate, and advanced categories with both male and female options. We will provide prizes to the top three scoring participants per gender and category. Day pass rates still apply for those wishing to access the facility to compete and an additional $10 Competition Score Card fee is also required.

Ready to Climb?

All climbers must sign a waiver. Fill yours out now to save time at check-in!
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