2021 Youth Program FAQs

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The safety of our campers is our #1 priority. Below you will find answers to some frequently asked questions about how we are updating our camp policies and procedures in response to the Coronavirus.

Q: What steps is TRC taking to mitigate exposure and spread of COVID-19 within the facilities?

A: We cannot guarantee a virus free environment but pledge to do our best to mitigate the spread and contamination through a series of best practices:

All Staff will be required to wear a mask or face covering during their shift. TRC Staff will be sanitizing high-use areas and common horizontal surfaces throughout the day. Cleaning time will be built into the daily program schedule after lunch, snacks, and group activities, and will be handled by TRC Staff.  Although we cannot sanitize every individual climbing hold, we will be putting forth our best efforts to sanitize everything else within reason.

TRC Programs will be operating with a limited occupancy and we will be promoting social distancing in a variety of ways including lobby furniture arrangement and posting instructional signs throughout the facility. All Youth and Parents/Guardians will be required to complete a health-symptom screening to declare they are not symptomatic prior to entering the facility. We will not allow anyone who is knowingly experiencing symptoms to climb at the facility.

Youth will be required to wear a face covering with the exception of when eating or drinking, and adhere to proper hand hygiene throughout the day.

Q: What will look different day-to-day in Youth Programs due to COVID-19?

A: While the climbing and adventure aspects of youth programs won’t change, we have adapted our procedures to operate in full compliance of guidelines from the Virginia Department of Health in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our top priorities will be to encourage proper hand hygiene and social distancing best practices.

Below are some changes that you can anticipate:

Q: How will meal times be conducted with social distancing in mind?

A: We will ensure that all youth are only eating meals with other members of their group.  Youth and TRC Staff will sit at staggered tables.  When the weather is nice, we will allow lunch and snack breaks to occur outside of the gym!

Q: How are you cleaning the climbing holds?

A: All climbing holds are pressure washed and fully air dried before they are added back into circulation in-between new sets.  This happens on a rotating basis periodically, and is not something that happens every day.

Our best resource for keeping our climbing holds clean is adhering to, and promoting, good hand hygiene among TRC Staff and youth.

Q: How will TRC clean and sanitize rental equipment?

A:  TRC has a limited supply of climbing harnesses and rental shoes available to the public. We highly recommend participants bring their own should they own either. Rental shoes are sanitized with shoe spray after every use and let to air dry for a period of time prior to being put back into the cycle. Climbing harnesses are left to sanitize and are rotated through daily.

Q: What happens if someone gets sick during the day?

A: If a participant starts to exhibit symptoms while at Camp they will be isolated from other participants under the supervision of a low-risk Counselor.  Parents/Guardians will be contacted to come pick them up and the assisting counselor will separate themselves from the group for the reminder of the day. Participants exhibiting Covid-19 Symptoms will be asked to remain home from Camp to quarantine for a minimum of 10 days and/or may return upon having a negative Covid-19 test.

Q: How will you be handling transportation to off-site activities for Expedition Campers?

A: Expedition Camps will be capped at lower capacity in order to provide extra space in each van row between campers. The van will get cleaned before campers enter and after they exit for each trip, and all staff and campers will be required to keep face coverings on at all times during van trips.

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