Personal Instruction

Goal-focused and community-oriented personal instruction

Let’s work together to achieve your goals. We’ll pair you with a certified fitness or yoga instructor in the Triangle Rock Club community who’s best suited to train you, based on your needs.

Examples of goals include, but aren’t limited to:
Start a new yoga practice     ■    Learn, improve, or push weightlifting to the next level (snatch, clean, jerk, deadlift, squat, and/or bench)    ■    Improve flexibility and balance     ■    Meditation   ■   Learn or improve handstands or other inversions     ■    Lose body fat     ■    Increase muscle     ■    Learn to do 1 pull-up or 20 pull-ups


Every member receives one, free 45-60 minute initial assessment. This includes a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire, fitness assessment, warm-up and workout with one of our personal trainers.

After this assessment, the member can discuss how they want to proceed. There is no obligation to buy any sessions after this!

The pricing breakdown for sessions (60 minutes each) after the initial assessment is as follows:

If a member is interested in personal training, please contact the Taylor Furdak, Lead Fitness Instructor, at

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