Class Descriptions

Yoga Classes:

Acro Yoga

Take flight in this all-levels acro yoga class. Part acrobatics, part yoga, and all fun and fitness oriented. Learn techniques to base, fly, and spot in partner acrobatics. Acro yoga has an emphasis on pushing your body, trusting yourself to try new things, and trusting your partners. This is a full-body, core-infused movement practice. No partner or experience needed.

Foundational Yoga

We’ll use asanas (breathing techniques and meditation) with the goal of bringing each participant a sound, healthy body and a clear, peaceful mind. Each class offers variety of yoga techniques and moves that center around improved physical and mental health. This class is great for beginners, anyone wishing to build their practice, and folks looking to reconnect with the foundations of yoga.

Power Yoga

This is an Ashtanga-inspired practice. This class will build your internal heat, increase your stamina, strength and flexibility. It will also reduce your stress! Plan to move quickly, get your sweat on, and learn to lift your body weight more effectively! Please note: this class is designed for advanced yoga students, but anyone looking for a challenge is welcome.

Restore Yoga

These classes put an emphasis on the centering of your breath and body. Throughout each class, we work on aligning physical and mental well-being by practicing stillness during extended periods of time. This class includes passive stretching and incorporates props.

SlowFlow Yoga

In SlowFlow Yoga, we will work on centering breath and centering body. Throughout each class, we work on aligning physical and mental well-being by practicing gentle movement. This class includes dynamic and passive stretching.

Sunrise Yoga

This 45-minute yoga class is an invigorating way to wake up and ready yourself for the day.

Vinyasa Flow

With a focus on syncing breath and movement for flow from one pose to the next, our Vinyasa Flow yoga classes build your strength and balance, helping you move toward peak poses. As an intermediate-level class, we encourage participants to be well-acquainted with all basic yoga movements and poses prior to participating.

VinYin Yoga

This class is a combination of Vin-inspired stretching and Flow Yoga practice. We start the class with a flow that warms up our bodies and stimulates our mind before settling into more passive postures. This practice will increase flexibility, improve balance, and release stress. Suitable for all levels, this class will leave you feeling relaxed and energized.

Yoga For Climbers

This all-levels yoga class invites students to connect with their breath, body, and mind through present moment awareness. Classes will be designed to help student’s progress both on the mat and on the wall. We will focus on cultivating strength, flexibility, balance, focus, and mental clarity. The class will also place an emphasis on the muscles we use most on the wall: hips, shoulders, hamstrings, and more!


Fitness Classes:


Your core is the powerhouse of your body. It’s especially essential for climbers, so make sure it’s strong and toned! This half-hour class works strictly on your hip flexors, abdominal region, lower back, and obliques. We throw in a little balance, too, to make sure you’re ready for whatever may come your way.


In order to achieve ultimate performance on and off the wall you need strength, power, and endurance. All equipment is fair game in this class: kettle bells, dumbbells, barbells, sleds, TRX, body weight, etc. You can expect your workout of the day to include EMOM, HIIT, TABATA, high reps, low rest. Does that all sound like gibberish to you? Don’t worry, our instructors will be right there to guide and teach you the workout. Whether you are an advanced athlete looking for a push and some friendly competition or if you have never stepped in the gym, this class is for you.


Get your heart pumping with our HIIT class. High Intensity Interval Training is great for building muscle, decreasing body fat, and building endurance. You can expect a full-body workout incorporating all different types of exercise. This class is great for folks of any fitness level.


Work with your body’s range of motion, improve your overall flexibility, and train your muscles to help you reach new heights in climbing and fitness! Amplify body awareness to push past movement limitations and stretch through muscular and tissue restrictions as you work to optimize your performance.

Strength & Conditioning

This strength class will use your body weight, barbells, dumbbells, and kettle bells to take your strength to the next level. You can expect a workout of the day that could include deadlifts, cleans, squats, kettle bell swings, push presses, bench presses and more. Our instructors will be right there to guide and teach you the workout. This class if for beginners and advanced athletes alike.

Express Strength & Conditioning

Too busy for a full 60-minute class? This 30-minute express class is for you! Join us for a quick and intense strength and conditioning class (which includes resistance training and cardio) that will provide a challenging workout.


Increase your strength while learning how to move more fluidly as a climber with TRX, a suspension training systems class! This body weight-based class is the perfect pre- or post-climb workout, and it’s sure to increase your strength both on and off the wall! Come see why TRX is the training system of choice for top climbers.


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