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While our indoor climbing, fitness, and yoga offerings remain temporarily closed to the public, we are offering Outdoor Bootcamps beginning on June 3rd, 2020. Classes will meet in the gym’s parking lot and comply with local public health requirements.

Every workout has strength, cardio, core and conditioning with common sense programming. Our classes include appropriate lifts, reps, sets, loads, and rest breaks.

To attend a class, simply register for the class of your choice by clicking a link in the schedule below. You’ll be guided through the payment process when you register for a class.









Class Descriptions:


Strength and Conditioning (45 minutes)

This is a strength training functional-fitness class that utilizes body weight, barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells to take your strength to the next level! Prepare yourself for various pushes and pulls, plyometric jumps and more! This class will improve your power output while building both total body muscle and strength. This class is for beginners and advanced athletes alike


30 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training and 30 minutes of mobility (60 minutes)

If efficiency is your thing then this class is for you! Kettlebell training can improve maximal and explosive strength as well as endurance. Research shows that HIIT training (alternating short bouts of intense activity with low intensity recovery periods) improves aerobic capacity, endurance, and burns more calories than steady cardio. Add mobility work and you have the complete package.Scaling options are provided for each movement to fit all body types and abilities. Expect this class to “hurt so good.”


60 minutes

Whether your body is recovering from a hard workout or your mind is recovering from a hard work week, this class will help pave the way for a fresh start! A little vinyasa, mixed with some longer holds and passive stretches is just the thing your body and mind need to recharge and get ready to take on Monday like a boss!

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