Mile High Climb Fundraiser

Participate all month long in a fun and friendly competitive fundraiser while making a difference in the community! This fundraiser is made possible with the help of our co-sponsor: Climbing for Change. Climbing for Change tackles racial disparities in climbing and seeks to make rock climbing and the outdoor industry more inclusive.

About Climbing for Change
Their mission is connecting underserved communities with individuals and organizations that seek to increase minority participation in rock climbing and the outdoor adventure industry.

How Can You Get Involved?
TRC is partnering with Climbing for Change through a t-shirt and sticker fundraiser at all of our gyms, in which the net profits are donated directly to Climbing for Change. We are also sponsoring a Mile-High Climb in Richmond this fall with proceeds benefiting the organization.

We invite you to make a $10 donation by registering for the Mile-Climb below! The next time you check in at TRC you will recieve a log book that will help track your progress in climbs throughout the month. Track the total feet of your climbs (or V-points for boulders) accumulated throughout the month of September. Each half of the  mile (or 500 V- points) will get you a free guest pass to the gym!  

The Details
1. Each $10 donation is good for one Mile High Climb entry. If you complete the mile and wish to continue participating,another $10 donation is required to receive a second booklet.

2. The Mile High Climb Fundraiser runs from September 1st through September 30th.

3. You may switch between recording top rope climbs and bouldering climbs. The change for recording must begin at your next measurement line.

4. When recording bouldering points for grades that are in between two ranges (ex. V2 might be confused as 2 or 3 points; V4 might be confused as 3 or 4 points, etc.) please refer to the color of the tag. For example, if a V2’s tag is blue, it’s 2 points. If a V2’s tag is green, it’s 3 points.


Ready to Climb?

All climbers must sign a waiver. Fill yours out now to save time at check-in!
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