Climbing Training Classes

Climbing Focused Training

TRC’s climbing focused fitness classes have been created with the climber in mind! Each class purposes to increase range of motion and build both upper body and core strength, while simultaneously working to improve grip. Using the rogue rack and a variety of different hangs, pulls and pushes, each class is sure to push climbers beyond their comfort zone and equip them to take their climbing abilities to new levels!

TRC’S Climbing Focused Classes

CRAGFIT  |     50 Minutes  |  
Strengthen your upper body, forearms, core and hip flexors while simultaneously improving your grip with TRC’s CragFit! During this 50-minute climbing- focused class, you’ll build muscle, learn to move more fluidly, improve your stability and ultimately bring your climbing abilities to new heights.
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CRUXFIT |   50 Minutes (ADVANCED) |    
This is an advanced functional fitness strength training workout which includes Olympic style lifting, longer time intervals or rounds, increased weight, and extra challenges! Get ready to work hard, because Cruxfit isn’t for the weak or weary!
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ROM (Range of Motion/Recovery)  |   30 Minutes  
Work with your body’s range of motion, improve your overall flexibility and train your muscles to help you reach new heights in climbing and fitness! Amplify body awareness to push past movement limitations and stretch through muscular and tissue restrictions as you work to optimize your performance.
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