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At TRC, we have an entire team of creative design specialists who dedicate their work days to thinking outside the box and using their skills to create new climbing routes at all of our facilities to ensure that our terrain is always exciting, challenging and up to par with the expectations of our climbers. IMG_5593Each week, our talented team of Routesetters rotates between TRC’s three locations and work together to craft innovative climbing problems for climbers of all skill levels.

Get to know our setters and make sure you thank them when you see them around our facilities – these guys (and girls!) play a huge role in making TRC what it is and rarely get enough kudus for their hard work!

Scott Gilliam

Our Head Routesetter! A native of the NC mountains, Scott moved to Triangle before he discovered climbing and his love for the sport. He has since tackled long routes in the western U.S. and, with a passion for steep gear routes, Scott has spent numerous days cragging in all over the country, especially here in his native Southeast. After ten years in management and marketing in the tech sector, TRC is Scott’s second life. Scott served on the Board of Directors of the Carolina Climbers’ Coalition for eight years, but now spends his extra time playing music with his phenomenal band Phononova!

Tyler Weiss

TRC Crew Boss and a Butora athlete, Tyler runs this crew of misfits whenever Scott cannot. He’s been with the TRC setting crew for what seems like ages. Perhaps that’s what earned him his mad lock-off strength.

John Provetero

J.P. started climbing around 1980. So take note and don’t mouth off to him, whippersnappers! Retired, John now enjoys his second career as a route setter and dabbles in vintage bikes.

Travis Horne

A mainstay of the Fayetteville,climbing community, Travis is the linchpin of our dedicated crew in Fayetteville. Don’t let that mischievous grin fool you, he knows the beta.

Owen Martin

Too young and strong, Owen’s fresh from Touchstone climbing in Cali and psyched to boulder here in the Southeast. When you meet him, be sure to shut him down. Um, no, we mean show him around.

Meg Gallagher

In 2014 Meg left NC a new climber. Recently she returned from the West Coast trained as a Touchstone routesetter. And she brought Owen with her. Who can hate that?

Josh Stevens

Another Team TRC Coach, Josh is our wildcard. How will he break the beta? What crazy idea is he going to execute? Bat hangs in hiking boots? Maybe so.

Daniel Kadwell

Have you met this guy? Tall, soft-spoken, handsome, generous. And he can climb, too. Coach Daniel is a part of our growing team in Fayetteville, and we’re psyched to have him.

Valerie Hooper

Val grew up in California and has been climbing since she was a wee thing. And it seems as the holds have yet to get any smaller for her.

Alex Vinson

Another early starter and another Team TRC Coach, Alex has been climbing since he was 8. Maybe that’s why he’s so strong. Now that he has a real job, we don’t get as much of his time as we’d like.

Taylor McNeill

T-Money is Rami’s roommate in Boone and Head Setter at Centre 45. He’s been known to send V14 and wreck a car or two. Toe hooks on slopers, paddle dynos, you name it, Taylor makes it happen.

Kesley “Blondie” Hoglund

Blondie is, you guessed it, that stunning blonde that works with us when she can.

Kevin “Bo!” Roberts

A firefighter by day (and sometimes by night), Kevin does the occasional setting for us.


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