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Triangle Rock Club – Raleigh

Fitness Classes

Unless otherwise noted, all fitness classes accommodate participants of all levels.


Strength train AND have a blast while doing so! We will toss, twist, press and throw down with a variety of equipment and exercises to give you an incredible total body workout. Some classes may include working with a partner but we can pair you up if needed! All you need to bring is the force!


Strengthen your upper body, forearms, core, and hip flexors while simultaneously improving your grip with our CragFit class! During this climbing-focused class, you’ll build muscle, learn to move more fluidly, improve your stability and ultimately bring your climbing abilities to new heights.


Your core is the powerhouse of your body and especially essential for climbers, so make sure it’s strong and toned! This half-hour class works strictly on your hip flexors, abdominal region, lower back, and obliques. We throw in a little balance too, to make sure you’re ready for whatever may come your way.


This is an advanced functional fitness strength training workout which includes Olympic style lifting, longer time intervals or rounds, increased weight, and extra challenges! Get ready to work hard, because Cruxfit isn’t for the weak or weary!


A strength training functional-fitness class that utilizes the Rogue Rack instead of bars! Prepare yourself for various pushes and pulls, plyometric jumps and movements and more! Our NoBAR will improve your reaction time while building both total body muscle and strength!


Work with your body’s range of motion, improve your overall flexibility and train your muscles to help you reach new heights in climbing and fitness! Amplify body awareness to push past movement limitations and stretch through muscular and tissue restrictions as you work to optimize your performance.


Increase your strength while learning how to move more fluidly as a climber with TRX, a suspension training systems class! This body weight based class is the perfect pre or post-climb workout, and is sure to increase your strength both on and off the wall!

Yoga Classes

All yoga and Pilates classes are 60 minutes unless otherwise noted.


In Triangle Rock Club’s Foundational Yoga, we use “asanas”, breathing techniques and meditation with the goal of bringing each participant a sound, healthy body and a clear, peaceful mind.  Each class offers a variety of yoga techniques and moves that center around improved physical and mental health. This class is great for beginners or anyone wishing to build their practice or reconnect with the foundations of yoga!


This is an Ashtanga-inspired practice. This class will include building internal heat, increased stamina, strength, and flexibility, as well as stress reduction. Plan to move quickly, get your sweat on and learn to lift your body weight more effectively! Please note: This class is designed for advanced yoga students but anyone looking for a challenge is welcome!


With a focus on syncing breath and movement for flow from one pose to the next, our Vinyasa Flow yoga classes build your strength and balance helping you move toward peak poses. As an Intermediate level class, we encourage participants to be well acquainted with all basic yoga movements and poses prior to participating.


This 45-minute class is a combination of Vin inspired stretching and Flow Yoga practice. Beginning the class with flows which warm up our bodies and stimulate our mind before settling into more passive postures. This practice will increase flexibility, improve balance and release stress. This class will leave you feeling relaxed, energized, and ready to start the day. This class is suitable for all levels. Participants are responsible for bringing their own mats.

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