North Raleigh Expansion

Fitness for an Adventure-Fueled Lifestyle

Triangle Rock Club North Raleigh Fitness, Yoga and Pilates

We’ve expanded our North Raleigh Fitness facility by 8,400 square feet! 

TRC North Raleigh Fitness Area Highlights:

• An additional 8,400 square feet of TRC North Raleigh fitness space, designed to help you take your fitness, health and climbing goals to the next level

NEW Fitness Classes, including HIIT functional fitness/boot camp classes, climbing specific training classes, new yoga options, Pilates, and more!

Two Group Exercise/Fitness Rooms dedicated to all of our new class offerings

Brand new, top-of-the-line fitness and climbing training equipment, including a 24-foot long rogue rack, a peg board, climbing and battle ropes, cardio machines (including treadmills, an elliptical, bikes, a rower, and Jacob’s Ladder!), free weights, kettlebells, medicine balls, sand bags and more!

A Collaborative Work Space (for hanging out, working, eating & more!) and a conference room (for meetings, corporate team building & small gatherings/events), sponsored by Arrowhead

North Raleigh Fitness, Ninja Warrior Training, Rogue Rack and Raleigh Gym


What about the Durham location you guys have mentioned in the past? Is it still in the works?
Absolutely! This new Fitness Center is merely a stepping stone for what’s to come for TRC and our growth as a climbing community. We view additional functional fitness space and offerings as elements that only add to the strength of our community, but also provide us with the opportunities to continue growing and developing into something bigger and better. All that said, don’t worry! Durham and other locations are still a part of our bigger plan and we are not done adding climbing terrain to the Triangle!

What about climbing focused classes?
No worries there! Along with our new Pilates, Yoga, HIIT Functional Fitness/Bootcamp style classes, we’ll also be launching climbing-focused class options to help you reach new heights on both our walls and outside. Think grip training, core strengthening and more. You can find our Class Description page HERE.

What’s the cost of these classes for members?
All classes as of now are FREE for all Full-Access TRC Members!

I’m a member in Fayetteville, can I still participate in Fitness Classes?
If you are a Full-Access TRC Fayetteville Member, then yes, you’re more than welcome to participate in our classes for free.

What about bringing friends? Are they free too?
You can use your monthly guest pass for a friend to access the class. Otherwise, he/she will need to purchase a day pass to participate.

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