Adult Climbing League

Adult Climbing Leagues

We offer TWO Adult Climbing Leagues each year: bouldering at North Raleigh during the Spring and Top Roping at Morrisville during the Fall.

SPRING BOULDERING SEASON | Launches Wednesday, March 21st
– Reoccurs every Wednesday for 6 weeks between 7 PM – 11 PM –


League: 12 Teams of 4 (18 and older)

Cost: $15 Members / $25 Non-Members (price does not include day passes or equipment rentals for guests).  Prices give admittance into the League, T-shirt.

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Individual Registration: TRC will try and place individuals (solo registrants) into a team. Email if looking to sign up as an individual

Scoring: Each climber will establish a Baseline, based on the hardest climb they’ve completed prior to the league.  It should be extremely difficult for a climber to climb 2 grades higher than their baseline.  Thus allowing novice climbers to compete with more experienced climbers.  A team is more successful pending their improvement throughout the league, instead of how hard they climb.  The following is how a climb would be scored, based on one’s baseline.

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