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About Our Team

Climbing allows your child to experience something new, exciting, challenging, and unique. It allows your child to showcase their own physical and mental strength while building confidence. It will give your child the opportunity to build friendships with other climbers from all over the world. Being involved with a climbing team will teach your child the importance of teamwork, good sportsmanship, how to overcome setbacks, controlling their emotions, discipline, hard work and so much more. Your child will be able to showcase their talents in a sport they can call their own.

  1. We are one of the top climbing teams in the nation with more than 100 climbers and 10 coaches. We have worked with climbers from the beginner level to world champions.
  2. Our coaching staff has been trained through the Team USA Olympic Committee’s Coaches Accelerator Program, the Positive Coaches Alliance, and The Power Company Climbing, Climb Strong, and we hold USA Safe Sports, American Red Cross CPR certifications, and USA Climbing certifications. Our coaches are waiting and committed to building better athletes, and character through competitive climbing and challenging scenarios.

In order to create a culture of leadership through our entire team, we have a set of guidelines that we hold ourselves to when we come to practice everyday and travel for competitions:

  1. Support Your Teammates
  2. Learn From Others
  3. Welcome The Challenge

We have several different levels of team to ensure that youth climbers of all ages and abilities can find a place somewhere working with our staff of talented coaches. Each team is broken down by levels of commitment and ability, to ensure that each climber is working with a peer group of the same climbing level and commitment.

Team Crew

The TRC Crew is the first step in joining our competitive climbing team. This program focuses on bringing new climbers into our team community, without the expectations of our competitive team. We will introduce our objective-based goal-oriented training systems here, and help climbers learn how to develop a plan to reach their long-term and short-term goals. A few characteristics of this team would include:

  1. No competitive requirements
  2. National level coaching
  3. 1 night a week
  4. Follow some of the same curricula as team, but at a lower intensity

This program is the stepping stone for our competitive team. If you decide that the competitive team is something you would be interested in, please contact the lead coach at your gym to schedule an assessment.


Practice Schedule


For the purpose of goal setting and finding the right fit for each climber, we have outlined the expectations of our competitive team below.

Competitive Team

Intermediate Team

Intermediate Climbers are encouraged to compete in 2 local climbing competitions during the regular season, which qualifies them for their participation in the Regional Championship. This will include the additional costs of a USA Climbing Membership for the season and the cost of participating in Regionals, along with the monthly costs of Team TRC. The bonus is, with this step up into the competitive program, your monthly membership to all Triangle Rock Club locations is included!

Flash Levels

Practice Schedule


Advanced Team

Advanced Climbers will be held to the same competition guidelines as Intermediate climbers with the addition of competing in the Divisional Championship, if they qualify and are awarded an invite to the Divisional Championship Event.

Flash Levels

Practice Schedule


Elite Team

Elite Climbers will be held to the same competitive guidelines as Advanced climbers with the addition of competing in the National Championship, if they qualify and are awarded an invitation to the National Championship. The Elite team also meets 1 more day a week than the other teams, follows a more intense program, and receives additional strength and conditioning programs in addition to climbing.

Flash Levels

Practice Schedule


Membership Activation

If it is decided between the Lead Coach and the prospective climber’s parents that Team TRC is a good fit, membership paperwork will be filed at the beginning of the next practice. Existing members can enroll by e-mailing Triangle Rock Club’s Membership Manager with a request to upgrade their account. All memberships include a one-time $75 initiation fee.

Crew Rates (per month)

Intermediate & Advanced Team Rates (per month)

Elite Team Rates (per month)

Attendance Policy

We have an attendance policy for our competitive team only. In order to give the opportunity to climbers that are ready to commit to competitive climbing at the same level that our coaches are we keep a record of attendance as well as our climbing guidelines, to ensure that we are matching our competitive climbers with the appropriate level of coaching. If you do not meet the guidelines of either the competitive team level or the attendance guidelines of your team, we reserve the right to reassign that climber to the appropriate team.

Per Month Policy

  1. There is no penalty or need to contact a coach for missing 1 practice a month.
  2. If you miss 2 practices, you will need to contact your Lead Coach to let them know everything is still OK.
  3. If you miss 3 practices in one month without communicating with the Lead Coach of your team, you may be subject to movement to a team with less commitment and/or intensity.

Lead Coaches and Contact Information

Elite TeamHead Coach Bradley Hilbert
Morrisville TeamLead Coach John Agens
Raleigh TeamLead Coach Henry Ritterspusch

Personal Instruction

The programming we provide in practice is focused on safety first, group climbing activities, and working together to achieve mutual goals. We work to maintain an appropriate climber to coach ratio to ensure that everyone is safe and on task.

We have found that the additional investment from both the climber and coach in the 1 on 1 scenario of personal instruction goes a long way in solidifying the individual goals of each climber.

We typically run personal instruction lessons in blocks of 4 lessons at the beginning of each season to:

Climbers take the lessons they learn in personal instruction into their weekly practice and off day climbing. These lessons help them focus their attention on the skills that will help them succeed during competition season.

Rate Per Lesson

Safety Values

USAC FAQ and Resources

In order to climb on our competitive team, you must compete at least in 2 local events per season, and the Regional Championship. In order to compete at any USAC event, you must first obtain a membership with USA Climbing. After you have obtained your membership you will be eligible to sign up for local and championship events through the host gym. Obtain a USAC membership here.

We compete in the Midsouth 602 Region of USA Climbing. Find all news, schedules, results, and contacts for our region here.

We will spend time during practice and at competitions learning the rules of competition climbing. However, we also encourage all of our parents to sit down with their climbers and watch the rules video of each discipline of climbing provided by USA Climbing here.

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