High Intensity Interval Training

High Intensity Interval Training

Often referred to as “HIIT” training, High Intensity Training includes short, intense bursts of exercise with smaller, less intense moves or rest in between. Not only is HIIT incredibly efficient when it comes to fat-burning, boosting the metabolism, and strengthening your heart. HIIT classes aim to increase endurance and build strength – making you more effective in both your climbing and non-climbing related work outs!

TRC’S HIIT Classes

ACCELERATE   |     50 Minutes  |  Cario HIIT
Sick of running in place on the treadmill and aimlessly completing your cardio segments on the elliptical? Accelerate is a cardio-based class that gets you off the equipment and into a new cardio-zone! Using a variety of short and unique high intensity sequences, you’ll get your heart beating and your calories burning in no time. Accelerate is guaranteed to build both your stamina and endurance – perfect for meeting both those on the wall and off the wall fitness goals!
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 |     50 Minutes  |    HIIT  |  Check Out the Video >>
Final Countdown is a high-intensity, circuit-style class dedicated to giving you a total body work out! You’ll be racing against the clock with timed segments of free weights, balls, ropes, kettlebells and more! Due to its short rest periods and HIIT training, Final Countdown is sure to increase your strength & stamina!
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