Functional Fitness/Strength

Functional Fitness & Strength

Functional Fitness and Strength Training  focuses on equipping your body for real-life activities (and climbing!) outside of the typical gym setting. Unlike most fitness-related weight training, which focuses on exercising isolated muscle groups, Functional Fitness workouts purpose to train your muscles to work together, rather than independently… which is perfect for climbers who rely on coordinated strength between the core, legs and arms at any given point in time! Using a variety of equipment pieces (including the rogue rack, kettle bells, ropes and free weights), TRC’s Functional Fitness and Strength Training classes are essential for climbers working to develop their overall strength and endurance!

The Classes

CRUXFIT |   50 Minutes (ADVANCED) |    
This is an advanced functional fitness strength training workout which includes Olympic style lifting, longer time intervals or rounds, increased weight, and extra challenges! Get ready to work hard, because Cruxfit isn’t for the weak or weary!
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FITBALL | 50 Minutes |    | Check Out the Video >>
Strength train AND have a ball while doing so! We will toss, twist, press and throw down with a variety of exercise balls to give you an incredible total body workout. Some classes may include working with a partner or a wall, all you need to bring is the force!
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NOBAR  | 50 Minutes |    | Check Out the Video >
A strength training functional-fitness class that utilizes the Rogue Rack instead of bars. Prepare yourself for various pushes and pulls, jumps and more. TRC’s NoBar works to improve your reaction time while building both total body muscle and strength. 
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