Meet Others in the Triangle!

Whether you’ve never tried rock climbing, just recently started climbing, or are a seasoned climbing veteran, Triangle Rock Club Meetups are the place for you! We offer TWO Triangle-area Meetup groups: a climbing-focused Meetup and a Fitness focused Meetup.

Our goal is to grow a community of people with a passion for climbing and fitness while simultaneously creating unique, shared experiences at Triangle Rock Club. We organize engaging and fun events, unique social outings, hikes and runs, skills and equipment demos, and inside peeks into what’s going on at our facilities. We’re also known to throw in a crazy game of dodgeball here and there! Triangle Rock Club Meetups are the prime way to get to know fellow climbers and develop new friendships within the climbing community!

Your first Meetup visit is FREE and includes a day pass and harness rental, subsequent visits are $15 for Morrisville and North Raleigh (harness rental included!).

Outside of Meetups, Day Pass rates are $19 for climbing at Triangle Rock Club Morrisville and Raleigh

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