Cardio Based Training

While all of TRC’s Fitness Classes will get your heart pumping and ultimately build your cardiovascular system’s strength, our cardio-based class(es) implement longer spouts of cardio-related exercises (rather than the short, quick bursts found in our Functional Fitness and/or HIIT classes), and are sure to help you regulate your breathing patterns and overall stamina!

ACCELERATE   |     50 Minutes  |  Cario HIIT  | Check Out the Video >> 
Sick of running in place on the treadmill and aimlessly completing your cardio segments on the elliptical? Accelerate is a cardio-based class that gets you off the equipment and into a new cardio-zone!  Using a variety of short and unique high intensity sequences, you’ll get your heart beating and your calories burning in no time. Accelerate is guaranteed to build both your stamina and endurance – perfect for meeting both those on the wall and off the wall fitness goals!
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