USAC Virtual Youth Comp

Virtual USAC Youth Comp Details

Facility hours:

Reservations are only required during peak hours: (Mon-Fri 5:00pm – 10:00pm, Sat-Sun 10:00am – 4:00pm). Walk-ins accepted at all other times. 


All competitors must be active USAC members and register for the comp through the KAYA app. 

Kaya information will become available by November 16th.

Cost to climb at TRC 


May I reserve back-to-back sessions?  

No. However, if you would like to extend your visit beyond your 90-minute reservation, check with our front desk staff. If there is available space at the start of the next session you’re welcome to sign up for it at that time. 

Does the day-pass cover multiple reservations within the same day?  

Yes. It is a one-time charge per day. 

Where can I find your COVID policies?  

Here! Please note all people in the building MUST wear a face covering at all times, including while climbing and spectating. 

I’m helping my climber. Will I be charged?  

No charge for spectators. If you plan to climb, please purchase a day pass. 
Walk-in hours before 5pm. Reservations required weeknights 5pm-8pm and weekends 10am-4pm. You may reserve up to 7 days in advance. We are accepting walk-ins during reservation time slots, provided there is space available, and during non-peak hours. 

Ready to Climb?

All climbers must sign a waiver. Fill yours out now to save time at check-in!
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