First Ascents

First Ascents

After-School Climbing in Fayetteville

Our First Ascents after-school program is a great way for your child to begin climbing or improve their skills. With our First Ascents staff, climbers are guided through lessons focusing on a new climbing skill each week. Climbers progress through the program as they complete our Seven Summits goals. At the end of each month, climbers can “level up” and receive a special paracord knot to commemorate their achievement. The program also encourages character growth and recognizes a climber each class who exhibits the character trait of the week!

Before committing to the program, please join us for a free Shadow Session! Our Shadow Sessions provide an opportunity for your climber to experience a full class and decide if the program is a good fit.

For more information or to schedule a Shadow Session, please email us.


*Starter package is a one time fee and includes a harness, a TRC First Ascents t-shirt, a drawstring bag, a wristband, and a TRC carabiner

Ages 6–9

Ages 10–13

For more info, contact us.

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