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Covid-19 Update

Will your children be remote learning for the Fall 2020 school year? Do you need something to keep them active and engaged? Check out our remote learning camps HERE!

First Ascents

After-School Climbing in Fayetteville

Our First Ascents after-school program is a great way for your child to begin climbing or improve their skills. With our First Ascents staff, climbers are guided through lessons focusing on a new climbing skill each week. Climbers progress through the program as they complete our Seven Summits goals. At the end of each month, climbers can “level up” and receive a special paracord knot to commemorate their achievement. The program also encourages character growth and recognizes a climber each class who exhibits the character trait of the week!

Before committing to the program, please join us for a free Shadow Session! Our Shadow Sessions provide an opportunity for your climber to experience a full class and decide if the program is a good fit.

For more information or to schedule a Shadow Session, please email us.


$65/month* plus $50 Starter Package** (1 night/week)

*Siblings receive a $10/month discount after the purchase of the starter package; TRC members receive 20% off the program.

** Starter package is a one time fee and includes a harness, a TRC First Ascents t-shirt, a drawstring bag, a wristband, and a TRC carabiner

Ages 6–9

Ages 10–13

For more info, contact us.

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