First Ascents

After School Activity in Fayetteville

First Ascents Climbing for Kids

Looking for a unique and fun after school activity in Fayetteville? Is your child ready to take the next step to becoming a better climber? First Ascents, Triangle Rock Club-Fayetteville’s once a week after-school youth program, provides an encouraging, safe and fun environment and is the perfect place for seasoned and new climbers alike.

Fun and Learning After the School Bell Rings

First Ascents one-session-per-week program challenges school-aged climbers and promotes healthy character growth and personal achievement through problem-solving, goal-setting and trying new things. We have developed an exciting, age-appropriate climbing curriculum to help your new climbers learn the value of the sport and the importance of learning while having fun!

TRC staff members guide and track students through our “Seven Summits System”, which is similar to the belts system of martial arts. Each of the seven summits recognizes a combination of achievements and honors are earned for a variety of accomplishments including attendance, skill proficiency, peer recognition, meeting personal goals, and climbing performance. Each climber who reaches a new summit is recognized monthly and immediately begins working toward the next level… all while you stay informed through newsletters and fun, family-friendly events!


$65/month* plus $50 Starter Package** (1 night/week)

*Siblings receive a $10/month discount after the purchase of the starter package; TRC members receive 20% off the program.

** Starter package is a one time fee and includes a harness, a TRC First Ascents t-shirt, a drawstring bag, a wristband, and a TRC carabiner

Ages 6–9

Ages 10–13

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