Adult Climbing League

Spring 2018 Adult League Info

March 20th-April 24th

Information for League

Cost: $15/Members | $25/Non-Members 
 Price includes participation, league t-shirt

  Must be paid in full at time of registration!

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Other  Things to Know: 
  Ages 18+    6-Weeks of practice 
 • Practice anytime Tuesday evenings anytime between 6 PM – 10 PM.
• 12 Teams, with 4 people per team
 Must have a team name and team captain at time of registration
• Must register as a team of four* online our at the front desk.
* If you do not have a team to climb with, email us! We’ll try our best to help you join another group!

Above the Bolt Triangle Rock Club Morrisville


We only take the top FIVE weeks of each teams scores, so don’t sweat it if you miss a week! We’ll just go ahead and drop that score and it will not affect your overall standing. Weekly standings will be released each Tuesday afternoon after practice and can be found on TRC Fayetteville’s Facebook , Instagram (Climb_TRC), and right here.
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Each climber will establish a Baseline, based on the hardest climb they’ve completed prior to the league.  It should be extremely difficult for a climber to climb 2 grades higher than their baseline.  Thus allowing novice climbers to compete with more experienced climbers.  A team is more successful pending their improvement throughout the league, instead of how hard they climb.  The following is how a climb would be scored, based on one’s baseline:

2 Grades Lower: 100 pts

1 Grade Lower: 300 pts

Baseline: 1000 pts

1 grade higher: 1500 pts

2 grades higher: 2500 pts

Sliding scale: If we feel your baseline should be adjusted, we reserve the right to do so.  In changing your baseline, any previous weeks scores are no longer counted.

Participants in each team will record every climb they complete during league nights.  Completing a climb means from start to finish without falling.  One’s top 3 scores of the night will count towards team’s total points for the week.  Adding all team members top 3 climbs will result in the team’s weekly score.  The top 4 week scores for each individual (of the 5 scheduled league weeks) will count towards team’s total season points.

Repeat routes are not allowed on the same night but can occur from week to week.

Scorecards must be signed by opposing team members

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