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Climbing allows your child to experience something new, exciting, challenging, and unique. It allows your child to showcase their own physical and mental strength while building confidence. It will give your child the opportunity to build friendships with other climbers from all over the world. Being involved with a climbing team will teach your child the importance of teamwork, good sportsmanship, how to overcome setbacks, controlling their emotions, discipline, hard work and so much more. Your child will be able to showcase their talents in a sport they can call their own.

  1. We are one of the top climbing teams in the nation with more than 100 climbers and 10 coaches. We have worked with climbers from the beginner level to world champions.
  2. Our coaching staff has been trained through the Team USA Olympic Committee’s Coaches Accelerator Program, the Positive Coaches Alliance, and The Power Company Climbing, Climb Strong, and we hold USA Safe Sports, American Red Cross CPR certifications, and USA Climbing certifications. Our coaches are waiting and committed to building better athletes, and character through competitive climbing and challenging scenarios.

In order to create a culture of leadership through our entire team, we have a set of guidelines that we hold ourselves to when we come to practice everyday and travel for competitions:

  1. Support Your Teammates
  2. Learn From Others
  3. Welcome The Challenge

We have several different levels of team to ensure that youth climbers of all ages and abilities can find a place somewhere working with our staff of talented coaches. Each team is broken down by levels of commitment and ability, to ensure that each climber is working with a peer group of the same climbing level and commitment.

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Team Crew

The TRC Crew program focuses on bringing new climbers into our team community, without the expectations of our competitive team. We will introduce our objective-based goal-oriented training systems here, and help climbers learn how to develop a plan to reach their long-term and short-term goals. A few characteristics of this team include:

  1. No competitive requirements
  2. National level coaching
  3. 1 night a week
  4. Follow some of the same curricula as team, but at a lower intensity

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