First-Time Visitor

Welcome to Triangle Rock Club

Since it’s your first-time climbing with us, we want to make sure you have the most rewarding experience possible. We welcome first-time visitors to Triangle Rock Club with a discounted day pass rate. For participants ages 12+, climbing shoes and a harness included in the price. For kids 11 and under, a harness is included.

Note: Durham County requires masks in all indoor venues, including gyms, regardless of vaccination status, starting Monday, August 9th, at 5pm. Please wear a mask at all times while in the facility.

First-Time Visitor Rates

Adults (Ages 12+): $15

Includes a full day of climbing and re-entry to the same facility all day. Includes access to fitness and yoga classes. Climbing shoes and harness included.

Kids (Ages 11 & Under): $10

Includes a full day of climbing and re-entry to the same facility all day. Includes access to fitness and yoga classes. Harness included.

First-time visitor day passes can be purchased at the front desk.

We offer three different climbing options: bouldering, auto-belayed climbing, top-rope climbing. Currently, our terrain is primarily bouldering. We have top-rope climbing and auto-belayed climbing available in a room designed for small groups, parties, and instruction. Climbers are welcome in this area, subject to availability.

Bouldering and auto-belayed climbing do not require special certification. To top-rope belay and to lead belay, participants must pass a certification test.

For $5, visitors ages 12+ may sign up for an optional on-the-spot, 10-15 minute top-rope belay clinic, facilitated by our front-desk staff. After you complete this clinic, you’ll take the top-rope belay test. These on-demand clinics are offered based on staff availability.

Next Steps

1. Prepare for your visit.

All first-time visitors are required to complete a waiver. Filling out a waiver before you arrive will save you 10 minutes. Waivers must be filled out by the state-appointed legal guardian of each climber. If your child is climbing with a friend, be sure to fill out the form online before they arrive.


2. Get oriented.

Answer some common questions before you arrive.

Be sure to check out our Safety & Policies page to learn about our temporary COVID-19 policies.

What should I wear?

Adults and kids should wear athletic clothing. If you’ll be wearing a harness, we recommend wearing longer shorts or pants. Your clothing should have enough stretch so that you can reach those far-away holds!

We do not require the use of climbing shoes, but if you opt out of renting/wearing them, you’ll need to be sure to wear closed-toe, athletic shoes instead. First-time visitors ages 12+ receive climbing shoes for free (rental is normally $5).

Where can I store my stuff?

We have open cubbies available for you to stash your personal items. We also have lockers in the restroom.

What is required in the top-rope belay test?

Harness - Participant must put on a harness correctly, per the specifications of the harness manufacturer.

Climber - Participant must demonstrate how to properly clip the climbing-side rope to the belay-loop side of their harness.

Belayer - Participant must properly set up an approved belay device per manufacturers’ specifications.

Technique - Participant must demonstrate a proficiency in top-rope belaying. The belayer’s brake hand must remain in constant control of the brake strand of the rope. Belayer must immediately and properly catch at least two simulated top-rope falls and lower safely while keeping the brake hand below the belay device.

Checks - Participant must provide a double-check that carabiners are locked and attached correctly to the harness and equipment.

3. Arrive 10 minutes early.

Everyone who visits our facilities must participate in a full gym orientation. This orientation includes a safety video and an overview of general facility information. You’ll also need time to get outfitted with your harness and climbing shoes.

4. Consider your options to progress as a climber.

Please come back and visit us anytime with a day pass. We recommend signing up for a 10-visit pass if you’re considering joining our community. Of course, you can always sign up for membership to get unlimited access to all of our Triangle Rock Club locations.

Ready to Climb?

All climbers must sign a waiver. Fill yours out now to save time at check-in!
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