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About Our Offerings

We are planning to open a full fitness gym and dedicated yoga room when our second phase of construction completes in 2020. We will offer a full yoga and fitness class schedule in this dedicated space.

Until then, we are offering yoga classes each week, as well as a rotating fitness class schedule. Fitness classes will start in July. We are starting small, and we’re planning to grow the schedule with feedback from our community. Please feel free to reach out to our Fitness Coordinator, Erin Stout, with any suggestions, questions, or feedback at

Yoga Classes

All yoga classes are 60 minutes unless otherwise noted.


In TRC’s Foundational Yoga, we use “asanas”, breathing techniques and meditation with the goal of bringing each participant a sound, healthy body and a clear, peaceful mind.  Each class offers a variety of yoga techniques and moves that center around improved physical and mental health. This class is great for beginners or anyone wishing to build their practice or reconnect with the foundations of yoga!


This is an Ashtanga-inspired practice. This class will include building internal heat, increased stamina, strength, and flexibility, as well as stress reduction. Plan to move quickly, get your sweat on and learn to lift your body weight more effectively! Please note: This class is designed for advanced yoga students but anyone looking for a challenge is welcome!


With a focus on syncing breath and movement for flow from one pose to the next, our Vinyasa Flow yoga classes build your strength and balance helping you move toward peak poses. As an Intermediate level class, we encourage participants to be well acquainted with all basic yoga movements and poses prior to participating.

Inspired to sign up for an upcoming class? See Durham’s Fitness & Yoga Calendar.

Want more nearby class options? See calendars for our Raleigh or Morrisville locations.

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