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Fitness & Yoga Class Check-In

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Prior to class, please make sure to check-in with the front desk. Be prepared with the appropriate gym attire and a water bottle. This facility has a shower for your convenience, please bring a towel if you plan to use it.

Sign in online ahead of time to secure your spot by clicking on the Information and Dates link in the calendar listing.

Please arrive several minutes early. If you are not in class by the start time, your spot will be given to a member on the waitlist. You will not be allowed to take a class if you arrive more than 5 minutes late.

If you cannot make it to class, please cancel your reservation using the app or call the front desk at 919.981.7441.

Is the class you want to take full? Call the front desk to get placed on the waitlist. Show up for class and hope for the best. Five minutes into the class, you will be offered an open spot if available.

Fitness & Yoga Calendar

Class Descriptions


SC45 - Strength & Conditioning is a functional fitness class that utilizes body weight, dumbells, kettlebells, bands and more to take your strength to the next level! Prepare yourself for various pushes, pulls, plyometrics and more! This class will improve your total power output while building full body muscle and strength. This class is for beginner and advanced athletes alike. (45 min)


This class is a structured workout that hits all the basic barbell lifts to build strength and mass. Suitable for beginner through intermediate lifters. Sign up early, space is limited! (45 min)


High intensity interval training - If efficiency is your thing, then this class is for you. Kettlebell training can improve maximal and explosive strength as well as endurance. Research shows that HIIT training (alternate short bouts of intense activity with low intensity recovery periods) improves aerobic capacity, endurance and burns more calories than steady cardio. Scaling options are provided to fit all body types and abilities. Expect this class to "hurt so good". (35 min)


Core works strictly on your hip flexors, abdominal region, lower back, and obliques. In this half-hour class, we focus on the powerhouse of your body. A strong core is essential for climbers, so make sure it gets the work it deserves! We throw in a little balance too, to make sure you’re ready for whatever may come your way. (20 min)


TRX is a full body workout utilizing your body weight and the TRX suspension training systems. Originally designed by the military and now revolutionized for the modern athlete, TRC functions as a powerful tool in any climber's quiver. (30 min)


Power up your core and laugh through the burn with our dynamo Pilates instructors! Pilates is known for low-impact movements borrowed from disciplines such as calisthenic, dance, and yoga that effectively condition your core, from hips to shoulders, while reinforcing the mind-body connection through efficient breathing. (30 min)

ROM Bar Mobility

Learn and implement mobility techniques to improve joint mobilization, strength, flexibility, coordination, and recovery using simple tools such as sticks, balls, bands and foam rollers. Use this class as a warm up before an exercise or climbing session, or as a stand alone mobility practice. Push past movement limitations and work through tissue restrictions to optimize your athletic performance. (20 min)

Foundational Yoga

Foundational Yoga is designed to illuminate the basics. We've slowed down the pace a bit to emphasize proper alignment and breathing while moving into and out of poses. Longer posture holds will build muscular endurance and stability, giving you time to refocus on the breath to develop a mindful practice. All levels welcome. (60 min)

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow is set at a more vigorous pace than Foundational Yoga. With a greater emphasis on the movement between poses, we open up key muscle groups to prepare you to explore “peak” poses. All levels welcome. (60 min)

Power Yoga

Power Yoga is geared toward students with a strong foundation in Vinyasa flow. Blending elements of Ashtanga and other movement disciplines, this class will offer a range of options for you to explore including arm balances and inversions. All levels welcome, a strong foundation is encouraged. (6o min)

Slow Flow Yoga

Slow Flow is an all level style where every practitioner, from beginner to advanced, can get what they need from it's reflective pace. Sequences are similar to that of any vinyasa class, focused on alignment, linking breath with movement, and include options to modify or advance as you see fit. Because of the slower pace, postures can be refined and strengthened without feeling rushed, which allows for a more therapeutic effect and stronger overall practice. (6o min)

Sunrise Yoga

Send the day with yoga to raise your prana! Awaken your senses by creating heat through sun salutations. Then you'll add some standing balances, core strengthening and a dash of twisting and back bending to round out your morning practice. This class is suitable for all levels. (45 min)

Deep Stretch + Restore

Deep Stretch + Restore uses yoga modalities for muscle recovery and fascial release. Breathwork and mindfulness meditation are woven throughout each session to restore the body and reset the nervous system. All levels welcome. (50 min)

Deep Stretch

Deep Stretch uses multi modal stretching protocols with a focus on increasing range of motion for improved athleticism and injury prevention. All levels of experience welcome. (30 min)


Yin/Recover is a focused restorative yoga class that is the perfect way to wrap up an evening of climbing or fitness. With the support of blocks and bolsters, you will be guided into deep relaxation allowing gravity to open joints and make space in body and mind. All levels of experience welcome. (30 min)

Handstand Fitness

Unleash your inner inversion junkie! Join Yoga Instructor Lauren Amado for inversion training that strengthens all the attributes of handstanding. Develop the balance, strength, and mobility to turn your world upside down. All levels welcome.

Vin to Yin

Vin to Yin complements of the yang energy of a vigorous Vinyasa Flow with Yin. Develop resilience and heat through strong, flowing movement as the class builds toward "peak" poses then tap into deep passive stretching for the final half hour. All levels welcome. (90 min)

First Thursday evening of the month.

Restore + Renew

Restore and Renew is a combination of our Deep Stretch + Restore PLUS an extra 30 minutes of breathwork and yoga nidra. This is the perfect way to support your mental health, allow your body to recover, and begin the next month feeling cared for and renewed. Class begins with gentle movement and longer holds in positions that assist in muscle recovery and fascial release. Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation designed as a way to move towards a deeply restful state for your body and practice inward mindfulness. This is usually done while laying down comfortably (we have props!) and being guided to different areas of focus. All practices are guided and accessible to ANY experience level. (90 min)

Fourth Sunday of the month.

Acro Yoga

Acro Yoga - Explore basic Acro poses and transitions through the roles of base, flyer, and spotter. Students work in groups of 3-4 and partnerships will be honored but no partner is required. Wear close-fitting clothing made for movement. Acro involves lifting, balance, and trust which makes perfect cross-training for climbing. (60 min)

Equipment List

Fitness equipment may be unavailable due to construction beginning on Sept. 1st, 2021.

  • Lifting – Rogue Rack, barbells, trap bar, bumper plates, benches, dip bar, spotter arms, landmine row
  • Free Weights – Dumbbells, kettlebells
  • Cardio – Concept 2 Rowers, Ski Ergs, Assault Bikes
  • Other – Torque Tank Push Sled, Tireflip 180, TRX, GHD, medicine balls, slam balls, resistance bands, rings, plyo boxes, foam rollers, fitness mats, jump ropes, large turf area

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