Bouldering League

Chalk up.

Join us for some friendly competition by joining the Adult Bouldering League at Triangle Rock Club – Durham! Our inaugural Bouldering League will take place starting Monday, November 4th, and the league will run for six consecutive Mondays.

The league will take place on Monday nights from 6pm to 10pm for six weeks.  League members climb officially on this night, but can practice climbs anytime throughout the week. Record every climb you complete during League Nights (scorecard is provided to you). Completing means climbing a problem from start to finish, finishing on the finish mark, without falling. The top six climbs of each individual will be summed and added to create the overall team score per session. The team with the most points at the end of the season wins!

Ready to Climb?

All climbers must sign a waiver. Fill yours out now to save time at check-in!
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