Group Visits

Bring Your Group Climbing

Whether you’re looking to introduce climbing as a team-building exercise with your company, or you’re searching for a fun activity for your students, family, or youth group, we offer a variety of group visits and team-building activities for groups of every size and experience level.

For Friends, Family, Non-Profits, Community Groups, etc.

Group Visits

Hoping to bring a group of six to 20 climbers to Triangle Rock Club? Our group visits will help you save you on upfront costs and provide you with the best experience possible.

Each two-hour visit includes staffed event belayers who help to ensure a fun, memorable and safe day of climbing. The event belayer(s) work exclusively with your group to give you the chance to experience climbing in dedicated areas within our facilities. In addition to roped stations, our facility offers TruBlue Autobelays, which allow your group to stay engaged and satisfied throughout your entire event!

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