Our Story

How TRC Came to Be

Triangle Rock Club began as a vision of two former Force Recon Marines who shared a passion for adventure and climbing. After the military and their mountaineering skills lead them around the world and back again, Andrew and Luis began crafting a plan for a place where a community could be formed around a common passion for rock climbing.  In December 2007, visions and dreams were transformed into a reality and TRC opened the doors of its first location in Morrisville.

Our Growth

From 2007-2011, the TRC community grew immensely and it became clear that expanding the current facilities was no longer a dream, but an essential step to growing the community. Early 2012, Joel Graybeal exited the banking world, stepped on board as TRC’s third managing partner, and worked to spearhead positive growth for the company. TRC North Raleigh opened in September 2013 and TRC became two locations with one community.

Within a few months of opening North Raleigh location, demand for more elaborate terrain, concentrated training areas and increased fitness space exploded and plans to expand Morrisville’s facilities were finalized. The TRC Morrisville Expansion – which features 55-foot walls and 17,000 square feet of climbing terrain- opened to the public in July 2014 and has added an element of adventure-fueled fitness that had not yet been available for North Carolina’s climbing community.

Immediately after opening the Expansion, it was time to move onto the next project. This time, TRC was expanding its borders beyond the Triangle, venturing into fresh territory and planting new roots in Fayetteville, NC. When the military town’s former Red Point Climbing Gym closed shop, TRC managing partners were contacted and steps toward opening TRC’s third location were taken. Five months and a complete TRC makeover later, TRC Fayetteville was ready to rock and roll! November 2014 concluded the Fayetteville project and TRC developed into three locations with one community!

In April 2016, it was TRC North Raleigh’s turn to jump on board the expansion train. After requests from members for more fitness opportunities, TRC altered its business plan to incorporate a fitness-focused approach to strengthening its community and added an additional 8,400 square feet of functional fitness space.  The Fitness Expansion includes functional fitness equipment, two studios for group exercise, yoga and Pilates, and a collaborative workspace, which is sponsored by Arrowhead, a Raleigh-based furniture company. In opening the new space, TRC also added a new fitness, yoga and Pilates classes to both its Triangle locations.


Our Mission

… To transform and enhance the lives of others by enthusiastically sharing our passion for climbing!

We strive to be the leading provider of extraordinary climbing experiences for climbers of all ages and levels, and our core values fit into five categories: Safety, Integrity, Community, Customer Service, and Relationships. Climbing has shaped our lives into what they are today, and we believe it can do the same for you!

Feel free to contact us or to check us out yourselves – we’d love to have you!

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