One day. Two Comps. Tons of Bouldering.

Join us on Saturday, October 11th in the NEW TRC- Morrisville Expansion for our annual USAC Youth Comp for standings and our just-for-fun Citizen’s Comp!
Register online now!

$40 USAC Youth Comp (Pre-Registration)
$50 USAC Youth Comp (Day-Of Registration)

$20 Citizens Comp, TRC-Member (Pre-Registration)
$25 Citizens Comp, Non-Member (Pre-Registration)
$30 Citzens Comp (Day-Of Registration)

10:00 AM: Youth Registration Opens
11:00 AM: Youth Climbing Begins
3:00 PM: Youth Climbing Ends
3:30 PM: Youth Awards

5:30 PM: Citizen’s Check-In
6:00 PM: Citizen’s Climbing Beings
8:00 PM: Food & Beverages Served*
9:00 PM: Citizen’s Climbing Ends
9:30 PM: Citizen’s Awards

*Stick around for burgers, hotdogs from our “MacDaddy Grill” – and, of course, some delicious, local brews from our in-wall tap system!